• Most of us take our joints for granted until we begin to experience stiffness, aching and pain. Taking action to protect your joints before pain begins is your best plan of action; however there are also ways to relieve your aching joints of pain and discomfort.

    Protecting Against Aching Joints

    Your best plan of action is to be proactive and protect your joints before aching, pain and stiffness can set in. You can protect your joints by staying active and performing daily exercises that can help strengthen joints and keep them flexible. There are a number of things you can do to keep you active:

    • If you already participate in high impact activity make sure you are protecting your joints by warming up and stretching before running, jogging or doing aerobics.

    • Build strength in your core, back and buttocks to help alleviate stress put on your joints as well as to help you maintain better balance.

    • Apply moist heat to your joints prior to exercising and then use cold following exercise. This will help prepare muscles and joints for activity and assist them in cooling down when you are done.

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    Relieving Aching Joints when Active

    Once aching joints begin it is important to take action to lessen pain and return flexibility. Staying active is key. You also have to maintain a healthy weight to lessen stress and pressure on your joints, especially your hips, back and knees.

    You can also take the following measures:

    • Stay active by taking regular walks. Use proper walking or running shoes that will provide the support you need to ease pressure on your joints.

    • It is best to avoid high impact exercise. However if you have always been a runner or participated in high impact activities speak to your doctor to find out what is causing your joint paint. Your doctor may recommend you turn to low impact exercise until your joints have time to heal, or let you know you have conditions such as osteoarthritis. Although staying active is important, being too aggressive can often make things worse.

    • Never apply heat to acute joint pain. Ice should be used and only in 15 minute intervals with breaks in between.

    Relieving Aching Joints Naturally

    There are many natural approaches you can take to relieving aching joints including:

    • Egg Membrane: It might be hard to access the elastic membrane located between the shell and egg white, but this membrane contains elastin to help promote the strengthening and flexibility of cartilage and connective tissue. Hard boiled eggs often separate the shell from the membrane making it easier to consume.

    • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): HA is required to maintain the health of your cartilage and aging can deplete HA. Supplements can help keep cartilage healthy. 

    • Boswelia: Also known as frankincense this natural ingredient can help ease inflammation in joints as well as reduce pain.

    • Astaxanthin: 80 percent of arthritis sufferers saw a reduction in pain with astaxanthin.

    • Kextin: Protects from cartilage destruction, douses inflammation and rebuilds your joints!

    • Eazol Joint Pain Relief: Is an FDA registered homeopathic pain reliever for aching joints.

    • Joint Relief Solution: Will help you move without pain and as well as improves flexibility Visit Joint FLX .

    • Natural Body Defense: Promotes healthy joint health and reduces inflammation naturally.

    • Juvamend: Relieves discomfort, improves flexibility, increases mobility and soothes your aching joints.

    • Joint Advance: Supports and maintains healthy joints and healthy mobility.


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